Father's Day

We are enjoying a relaxing Father's Day. We'll spend the day with John's mom, have Roca Bar pizza for dinner and then go see the Moody Blues in concert tonight. Only one thing could make this day better; if Brittany were here with us.

I think about Brittany a lot. I wonder what our relationship would be like. I wonder if John and I would have a couple more grandbabies (I think so) if we hadn't lost her so prematurely. I wonder if she would have loved being Aunt Brittany to Danny and Rebecca's boys. She loved kids so much. It makes me smile to imagine her interacting with them.

She would have turned twenty-five on June 3. But she had a fatal asthma attack in August of 2003.

I'm thankful for the brief time I had with her; thankful she warmed up to me quickly so I could have the precious memories of our heart-to-heart talks in the weeks before she died. I never would have imagined that two and a half months would be all we had.

I miss Brittany. She pops into my mind frequently. It doesn't have to be a special day. But it seems like I can't stop thinking about her in the days leading up to Father's Day. It's hard to say how she would have chosen to celebrate other special days, but I know we would have been together -- as a family -- on this day. I think about that every year. And I long for what might have been. I wish we could be hanging out and celebrating John together.

It will be a great day. But it would be better if Brittany was a part of it.


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