A great day...

I've worked real hard on my patio this week, cleaning and planting flowers. And today we got to enjoy it a little bit. Rebecca and the boys came out to spend the day with me.

John purchased three little turtles for the pond (on ebay) and they arrived on our front porch this morning. So Joshua and Andrew got to watch them go into their new home. We have a pretty good sized Koi pond in our back yard and John loves our creatures. The Koi will swim up to him and eat fish food out of his hand. But he especially loves frogs and turtles! When it comes to frogs and turtles, John is still about eight years old. And I mean that in the best possible way. He brings bull frogs and tree frogs up to the door to show them to me in the summer. One time he put a tree frog on his t-shirt and came in the kitchen with it. I'm not a big fan of these creatures ordinarily, but John's enthusiasm can be contagious. The problem with the little turtles is that once you release them, you may not see them again for a long time. They hide. Or crawl away. Or...

Anyway, we spent a little time enjoying the patio and the flowers. And then we went to Five Guys and The Discovery Center. We had a great day. Grandma Shari loves her boys.

The 'Home Alone' expression...Releasing the baby turtles into the pond...

Tomorrow is the big day I have been looking forward to. We begin CAL-101. I say "we" the way couples today say "we" are pregnant. John begins a new treatment. But since I will be right beside him in the treatment room for seven hours, I say "we."

Dr. Flinn's entire staff is so special to us. You would not think of a cancer treatment clinic being a pleasant place to go for the day. And don't get me wrong, there are places I would rather be. But we make the best of it and the people who provide John's care are wonderful. In spite of the reason we are there, we manage to have fun. John loves to crack them up (and he does a great job). I sometimes bake goodies to take with us. Last time I made carrot cake. Tonight I baked a sour cream coffee cake.

Because I was so enjoying my day with Rebecca and the boys, I almost forgot that I had promised to bring something yummy tomorrow. Fortunately, I remembered right after dinner and had time to make a Kroger run and bake a cake.

I know they would take good care of John even if I didn't bake goodies, but baking is just another one of those little ways I try to ensure it...and show my appreciation.


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