Corrie ten Boom Quote

"Already, at this moment, I am in Him.
And underneath me are His eternal arms."

I just this morning finished reading "Amazing Love" by Corrie ten Boom. The above quote is how I feel today. I will struggle in future days. I'm quite sure of it. But today I have found rest and peace in His arms.

I am blessed with the most wonderful husband in the world; one whose love I have never doubted from the first time he said those three words to me. He demonstrates his love through his care for me. He accepts me just as I am. He makes me feel valuable and precious to him. He makes me laugh. And he never brings up my faults.

I am blessed with a wonderful son and a daughter-in-law who is like a daughter to me. They also demonstrate such love and concern for me and my welfare.

I have two beautiful grandsons and another one will arrive tomorrow!

I have the most amazing friends a person could ever have. Too many to name individually.

And I am resting in God's love for me. God has given me all the blessings I am so thankful for.

In a little while my kids will be here to enjoy a family dinner and leave Joshua and Andrew with Grandma Shari and Poppy John for the night. Little brother, Pax, will arrive early tomorrow morning. And I can't wait to take the big brothers to meet their new brother for the first time.

God is good. Life is good.

Thank you all for your constant prayers. I feel lifted out of myself today. And very thankful.


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