Closure for Jennifer

A settlement was recently consummated in the slander suit against Christian Gospel Temple. Click on the following link for Jennifer's statement:

Slander Suit Settled

I am posting this on my blog because I am so relieved and happy for my friend, Jennifer, to be able to finally put all of this behind her and move forward with her life.

Many people have been critical of Jennifer over the past four years. Because she has refused to be intimidated into silence, her character has been questioned, maligned and attacked. It has been said that she was just out for money. Many have attempted to discredit her. If you've read my book, you know that she withstood false allegations through anonymous reports submitted to DCS against her. After thorough investigation, these complaints were dismissed as 100% unsubstantiated each time. But going through these ordeals repeatedly was stressful and painful. When it was falsely reported to local media that Jennifer's husband had been arrested for child abuse, that was the last straw. She and her husband filed a slander suit. It takes a long time just to get before a judge in such a matter. There were many delays. But when that finally did happen, the judge ruled that there was sufficient evidence to warrant a trial and then, shortly after that ruling, an out of court settlement was reached (avoiding the necessity of a public trial).

All of the above details are public knowledge and public record. Jennifer obviously cannot discuss the dollar amount of the settlement. Nor can she disclose any of the negotiations or terms of the settlement. But one thing I have always known is that Jennifer could not be bought and she would never agree to be silenced regarding her abuse or anyone else's. In my opinion, Jennifer's willingness to resolve the slander suit quickly and amicably while remaining resolute in her stand for truth and justice speaks for her integrity.

Jennifer, I am so proud of you. And I guess if it was true that I have only been using you to further my own personal agenda, I should be done with you now. We both know, of course, the absurdity of those claims. I will never be done with you because I love you and you are my friend. You have been through so much and I am so happy that you can now put all of this behind you. I have never regretted standing with you and the other victims through all of this. And I never will.


Deb Light said…
So glad this is over for Jennifer but we all know the emotional scars these things leave so continued prayers for her and all the other victums of this abuse also!
Thanks Shari for letting us know.Love to you and John,