An abbreviated update...

We had a long visit with Dr. Flinn today. As usual, John's blood has not progressed. But the lymph nodes are a serious problem. John's leukemia is acting more like a lymphoma. We have to do some testing to make sure it's still CLL and hasn't transformed to anything else before we do any further treatment. Not that Dr. Flinn suspects that. But it's something that does happen in CLL and we have to know before doing any further treatment because it has a bearing on what treatment we will do next.

We discussed our options short term and long term. And I'm really just spent emotionally. For once, I don't feel like going into the details on my blog. I will just communicate with family and close friends privately for now. Eventually, I'll feel like sharing more of my thoughts. But not today.

Thank you again for all your prayers. On the up side, we found out that Dr. Flinn is going to be having spots opening up in the same trial that is available in Ohio. So we will not have to travel to give Cal 101 a try.


Randy Shannon said…
I am glad John will be able to do the CAL 101 at home... one less thing to deal with---travel.

In my prayers,

God Bless,
justme said…
Praying for you guys too, Shari. Sending love and hugs your way.
Praying for you both-thanks for the update.

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