Ready for spring!

I can't believe it's snowing again! I think this is probably the most I have ever wanted to see spring. I can't wait to go for after dinner walks in the neighborhood with John, plant flowers on my back patio, wear sandals again, and have lunch outside on the new Parthenon Grille patio with friends! I don't want to see any more snow!

I was so good yesterday and lost one of those two pounds I picked up over the weekend. I think I'm actually going to feel like shopping soon. I have gift cards from Christmas that I still haven't used because I've just had no desire to shop. But I think losing a couple of pounds in combination with my anticipation of spring may change that soon.

I plan to really enjoy this spring and summer. We are done with treatment for a while. John should be feeling better and better the further he gets from the effects of chemotherapy. Hopefully the partial remission will be lasting and we can just enjoy an intermission from CLL worries.

John is doing well and the grandkids are better from their colds/allergies. So we are having a Camp Howerton night tonight with Joshua and Andrew for the first time in many months. I'm really looking forward to having them for an overnight visit. And Rebecca tells me they are very excited about coming to our house. I find myself wondering a lot lately what our little Pax will be like. (Pax is the new grandson whose arrival we are looking forward to in late April or early May.) Joshua and Andrew are so different in personality. I can't wait to discover the similarities and differences in Pax. Before we knew he was another little boy, I had hoped we'd get a girl this time. But I realize that I could not be more excited about a third little boy the more I think about seeing him and holding him soon!

I received a new shipment of books yesterday. I've been asked to speak to a class at MTSU about my story. And I will be doing another Local Author Event at the Cool Springs Barnes & Noble later this month. It is so nice to be at the point where I don't really think about the book much now, other than enjoying all the positive feedback I continue to receive and doing an occasional casual promotion.

Life is good.

Now, if it would just stop snowing! An early spring would be great, wouldn't it?


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