Camp Howerton Pics

This hug happened spontaneously and I was able to get Andrew to hold it long enough to grab the camera.

We've shopped at Toys R Us, eaten dinner and played. It's about time to read books and tuck the campers into their beds.

So far, Joshua has told me:
"You're a good Grandma Shari."
"I will love you forever, Grandma Shari."
"I will love you even when you're sad."
"You're so nice to me Grandma Shari."
"I love my Daddy. He is very special to me."

Andrew has told me:
"Poppy John's gonna come home soon and chase us!"
"I WON'T eat my dinner!"
(However, when Andrew saw Joshua eating a cupcake he promptly began to eat so he could have one too.)

We are having a ball. These kids are growing up so fast. It's weird not to be changing diapers.


Deb Light said…
Great Pictures and I know the boys are enjoying Camp Howerton!John is looking really good too!
I know you both have enjoyed the grands!They are sure a Blessing from God!!

Love Ya,
Danny Bryant said…
thanks for keeping them. i missed them, but feel rested.

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