LOCAL AUTHOR DAY at Barnes & Noble

This Saturday, FEBRUARY 20, 2010 is Local Author Day at Barnes & Noble in Murfreesboro from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. I will be signing books along with seven other local authors from Middle Tennessee. If you are in the area, please stop by. And if you know anyone who might be interested in the book or other local authors, please spread the word.

I have a new comment on my guestbook from a reader here in Murfreesboro. His name is Biron Case and he plays piano at The Parthenon (where we eat regularly). Our favorite table (at the former location) was just behind him and he has never failed to play our favorite songs once we let him know what they were. (John's is the Peanuts Theme - aka Linus & Lucy - and mine is Somewhere in Time.) I really enjoyed reading his feedback for a couple of reasons. Prior to reading the book, he didn't know me well (just from the restaurant). And he has no common experience; only curiosity. A lot of the feedback I have received has been from people who either personally related to my experiences in the book or are personal friends. But his feedback was from a slightly different perspective.

I really enjoy reading readers' feedback. The more perspectives, the better. I also was able to know him a little better from his comments; learned some things about him I did not know (that he leads Sunday school Bible study, for instance). Had he not asked me about the book one night at The Parthenon, I never would have imagined him having the slightest interest in my story. Honestly, every time I have another book sale show up in an email notification, I'm still surprised. I'm very thankful for every person who has taken the time to read my testimony. And I will continue to be thankful for all of the written responses that so many of you have shared with me. I only wish I could publish ALL of them.

It's on the guestbook, but I thought I would share what Biron wrote on my blog.

"Shari, I just finished your book, and I LOVED it. What a story! In your preface, you ask why anyone would want to read your book, and I can tell you why I wanted to read it, if it helps. Obviously, part of me wanted to read it because I see you, and if you actually wrote a book about your life I am nosey enough to want to know what you have to say. The other reason was the subject matter. I have always heard of religious cults. I never knew how anyone could be involved in a religious cult unless they were born into one. I even wondered why it would be so hard to get out of one, but of course you answered that question very clearly. As I was getting into the book, I saw your purpose was not to sensationalize, but to help others and spread the true gospel. The things you endured were amazing. You touched on so many things that I have always wanted to know myself. My FAVORITE line in the book was when you talked about the hair thing. I always wanted to know why women would go to all of that trouble to grow their hair, only to pile it on top! I asked some Pentecostal girls in high school about that, and they said it was to wash the feet of Jesus, and not to be sexy for other men. I could go on, but really am happy that you overcame such an ordeal. What you did was show that when we worship, we should worship Christ, not men. I would tell Oprah my story if I were you. I could even see this as a movie! Who would you like to be cast as "you"? FYI, I led Sunday school Bible study yesterday and it kind of went along the lines of what you were saying. False testimony, etc. I felt I was prepared after reading your book. I told them about your book. -Biron"


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