My Son, Danny...

My son, Danny, teaches Bible. He is in seminary to become a pastor. Ever since he was a little boy, he had a tender heart and loved God. As a young adult, I can't tell you how many times my son encouraged me spiritually. In times of great distress, anxiety, and fear, he would remind me to repent and rest in God's grace; he would tell me I had nothing to fear because of what Jesus did for me on the cross. Jesus gave up everything that was rightfully His so that I could have what only He truly deserves; the favor of the Father.

In this youtube clip, Danny is charging a graduating class. He is saying publicly some of the very things he has said to me privately when I have greatly needed these assurances.

I think women know - usually more than men - about the human need to be known. I think often men deny this need to themselves as well as to others. But my son grasps this most basic human need.

I listened to this for the first time today, and Danny's words, "Your greatest fear will be your greatest need" resonated in my heart. I know that, personally, my greatest need is to be loved and to feel that I matter to someone. My greatest fear is that I am not really loved and I don't really matter (if I don't do everything exactly to other people's expectations). This fear and insecurity has driven me for too many years of my life. And yet, how many times have I resisted and pushed away the One who loves me most and knows me best, while desperately grasping for the love and approval of other people?

Only in the last few years have I begun to learn how to find my value in God and not in the approval of others. On my strongest day, I'm still weak. I still want people to love and approve of me. But I know only One opinion really matters. And because of Jesus, I have found the acceptance that sustains me even in the midst of the most painful rejection.

Danny, I hope you don't mind that I posted this clip on my Blog. Not all of my friends in Murfreesboro will have the opportunity to know you. And this clip shows your passion and tenderness, which has so many times touched my heart. (I know they will see just a little part of me in your delivery.) I love your heart for God and I love you.


Danny Bryant said…
no problem at all. i had to email the clip to a church to accompany a job interview today. i noticed there had been several views and thought, "i bet mom put it on her blog." i was right.

i love you, too. thanks for sharing god's love with me.

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