I love hearing from my readers...

After a very enjoyable day spent with my daughter-in-law and grandsons, I came home to a new comment on my guestbook:

"I recently read your book and I couldn't put it down once I started reading. I can't articulate what reading your testimony has meant to me. I feel as if I could have written it myself (plus or minus a few details) it was so close to my own feelings. I left the church I was raised in (also a Body church) over 10 years ago but have immediate family who are still members. I can't express what it has meant to me just to know that there is someone who not only understands but shares my same feelings. It's almost like confirmation that I'm not crazy. LOL Anyways, in an attempt to keep this short I won't go on, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing your testimony, it has meant more to me than you could ever know."

I don't know the person who wrote these comments. We have never met or spoken. And yet, as complete strangers, we share a bond of spiritual roots and similar life experiences. I don't leave comments on my own guestbook because I want it to be guest comments exclusively, but in case this person ever checks my blog, I just want to say:
Your feedback means more to me than you could ever know.

I have received many messages privately conveying the same sentiments from people all over the country; people whom I've never known and people I once knew a very long time ago and am now reconnected with through the book. I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for communicating your heart to me. It has been so rewarding to hear such encouraging, uplifting words from so many readers. And this is not the first time a reader has said that reading the book confirmed for them that they weren't crazy. That was a response I didn't anticipate, but I completely understand.

So many readers have written to thank me for writing this book. And I just want to make sure you know how much I have appreciated hearing from you. From the feedback I'm receiving, two or three times as many people have read the book as have bought the book because it is immediately being shared with someone else. That is very exciting to me because it's not about how many books I sell; it is about the book being read. Some readers have even bought additional copies to give or loan to others. Thank you to all of the readers who have supported and encouraged me. Each of you means more to me than I can possibly articulate.

As I was writing the book, I prayed so many times that my testimony would glorify God and help others (even if those "others" were no more than ten specific people). I also prayed that the readers of the book would feel my heart.

God has answered my prayers. And there have been far more than ten of you. For every unkind remark that has made its way back to my ears, there have been a dozen or more thank yous. And I can't convey my gratitude no matter how hard I might try...to Him AND to you. Thank you for taking the time to communicate with me! And thank you for reading my testimony!


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