Round Five

We head to Nashville in the morning to begin Round five of John's treatment. Tuesday will be a long day of successive infusions (four separate drugs plus pre-meds and IV anti-nausea). Wednesday and Thursday he will only get two drugs, which require less time in the chair. Our New Year's will be spent very quietly this year. But in spite of plans and holidays interrupted by chronic illness and chemotherapy, I can't begin to express how thankful I am to God for allowing me to know the joy of such a wonderful marriage and a husband who loves me the way John does. I just love being in the same room with him, even if it's the treatment room. I'm very thankful I am able to be by his side through this ordeal. I tease him about this being one heck of a way to spend more time together.

One of the nurses at TN Oncology lives in Murfreesboro and she saw the article about my book (which I had never mentioned) in the newspaper last weekend. After clipping the article and taking it to the office, she told us they were all surprised to read that John and I had only been together since 2003. She said, "We thought you guys had been together forever." I told her it feels like we have been. We describe ourselves as high school sweethearts who just didn't meet until our forties.

I will be very appreciative of your prayers for my sweet husband this week. And a prayer or two for me would be welcomed too. I have such a hard time watching him go through all this. I think only God knows just how much John means to me.


Randy Shannon said…
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Randy Shannon said…
Shari, I will most certainly keep you and John in prayer. I hope you enjoy your new years eve celebration...

God Bless

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