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Howerton pens book...

I think the writer did a nice job of condensing a lengthy interview into a concise article. I don't think she has had a chance to read the whole book yet, though. The article states that I never questioned the rules and expectations placed on me and my family. And I tried to convey in the book that I did have many questions throughout my life. It just took me a very long time to openly challenge what I had been taught and confront the fears that had been instilled in me.

This is the first time I have ever been interviewed for a newspaper article. I knew it would have to be a brief synopsis of our conversation. It was interesting to read the points that most impressed the interviewer. I hope the article causes people to want to read the book and maybe even buy it for someone as a Christmas gift!

Speaking of Christmas gifts, I knocked out the majority of my shopping today! I cannot believe how much I accomplished in one day. I met John for dinner and then stopped at two additional stores before coming home (at 8:30). I still have a couple of things to pick up, but soon I will be moving from my shopping list to the task of wrapping. And that is a very good feeling. What really feels good is that I found everything I was looking for and I am very happy with all of my purchases.


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