The books should arrive today!

I checked tracking this morning and my books have been received locally. The status says they are "out for delivery." They could arrive any time.

As soon as I saw that tracking status, I went to work getting my little shipping station set up in the living room. My printer is hooked up to my laptop for printing labels (which I need to run out and buy today). I also need to go to the post office and a UPS store to determine the best way to ship these books. I will need boxes.

I'm really excited.

I have prayed for the last ten months that God will not let me make this about me (in my head) in any way. I want this book to glorify Him and not me. I am resisting any personal pride over this accomplishment. I know that any talent or ability I may have to write or communicate or help someone else is a gift from God and not something for me to take pride in. I am SO aware of that.

But maybe it would be okay to say, "Wow. This is so cool. By the grace and mercy of God, I am a published author." You think?

To God be the glory!