Additions to Website

I made some changes to my BREAKING THE CHAINS website this morning.

I posted the table of contents, with the preface below it. And I added a Guestbook feature for comments. A friend suggested I do this so that when the book is released, readers have a place to leave feedback specifically about the book.

I look forward to receiving comments. I love hearing the responses to this book. In addition to that, this will offer the opportunity for readers or potential readers to ask questions. I haven't used this feature before, so I may have to learn a few things as I go. But I'm sure it's designed to be user friendly.

I definitely decided to submit a new file. There were just too many little things that bothered me. I have corrected all of them and submitted the file to my editor, who has taken the day off. But he will convert it for me tomorrow and I will resubmit. The process for resubmission is 2-3 days. They recommended that I take a quick look at another proof before going ahead with mass production. They will overnight it to me and it shouldn't take me an hour to make certain that everything is acceptable. Printing takes up to one week. And then the books are shipped to me. I think I'm still going to be very close to having books by November 12, but I decided to list the release date as November 2009 rather than keep looking at a specific date and feeling stressed out if I (again) don't hit the target.

I can't believe I ever thought I could have this book released by the end of August. In hindsight, I realize I was being very optimistic. But I have to learn everything as I go on this one because it's all new territory. There have been so many little details to take care of on the tail end. But I'm so close now.

I promise that if I find some tiny little thing in the next proof, I will just ignore it. The errors that jumped out at me did not jump out at either of my other proof readers. That assures me that anything still remaining is not important enough to stress out over.

Just wanted to keep you updated! Hang in there with me, Tim!