I am not sure if I made this clear in my last post. I meant to point out that I can only remember having three real dreams in my life; things I never expected to happen. The only one I remember praying for God to give me was a happy marriage. The others were more like fantasies I never expected to come true. I woke up this morning thinking of a fourth dream I never expected; getting my college degree at the age of forty-four!

In the last six years, God has blessed my life so richly and in a multitude of ways. He has also made my wildest dreams a reality. I used to think God didn't really care about the details of my life. It's almost as if He has set out to prove me wrong. I am overwhelmed at His faithfulness, His goodness, His matchless grace and His boundless love.

God has made all of my dreams come true. That's why I said that I need some new dreams. Because I know He isn't done with me yet.


Michael G said…
Well, I would say that it is time for you to come up with three new dreams, and then give them to God for safekeeping! I think that the Father loves to have us share our dreams with Him.