Book Update

There have been a few delays with the cover, but my designer has absolutely guaranteed me that I will have a finished product by tomorrow night.

Provided I do get the cover pdf tomorrow night (October 14), I will submit everything to the publisher Thursday. They will print proof copies and overnight them to me. A few friends and I will read them, looking for any printing errors, and once those are discovered and corrected, I'll be printing books!


Rachel said…
YAY!!! Can't wait! I am trying to clear my school schedule so I can read without interruption.

Shari said…
I can't wait to send it to you. And yours will be the first book in the mail! I predict you won't need to set aside many days. I have been told it's hard to put down. And I'm not saying that in praise of my writing. It's just that you have lived it too. It will resonate. It may bring back a few memories you've forgotten. And it may fill in a few gaps as far as recent events. But, in many respects, it's your life I've written about as well as my own.

A couple of people who have read the manuscript have told me that there were things that they had never understood, but after they read the book, they felt like they'd gotten the missing puzzle pieces to certain observations.

I love hearing feedback. I hope to hear from many people, after they've read, what their thoughts were as they read and shared my journey. I'm sure you know how much I look forward to yours! Thanks for the comment. You know how much I love comments. <3