Today's Update

Today is John's last day of his first round of treatment. Today is a long day because he's getting Lumiliximab, Fludarabine and Cyclophosphamide. I had to drop him off this morning and come back home so our new refrigerator could be delivered. The removal of the old one and installation of the new one took two and a half hours. When the installers left, I called to check on him. He sounded sleepy and said not to rush back down there because he was snoozing off and on anyway. So I warmed up the leftover half of last night's calzone and had it for lunch. And now I'm getting ready to head back to Sarah Cannon.

John has done great this week. He said he is extremely tired and the only way he can describe it is to say he feels wrung out like a rag. Nevertheless, he felt up to going to the dealership before coming home yesterday afternoon. And I finally had to insist we leave at almost 7:00. (I threatened to leave without him.) He promised he wouldn't ask me to take him again today, since we went yesterday. But he plans to go in tomorrow. I'm not going to attempt to control him unless he does not use good judgment and I can tell he needs to be home. It's probably good for him to go check on things if he feels well enough.

My online account with the publisher is now open. I am getting ready to send my final (for real this time) "last revisions" to my editor so he can make a few changes to the PDF. And my cover designer has notified me that I will have the finished cover Sunday. I have been toying with the idea of adding some text to the back cover and am waiting for her to let me know if that would represent a major delay (if she has to make changes this late). If so, I'm going to leave it as is and get it submitted.

Upon submission, the publisher will print as many proof copies as I request so I can have several people read through looking for any printing errors before the book is officially printed for public consumption. I have read through the entire book many times and it never takes me longer than two days. I will only ask for readers who can read through it quickly for me. Once I'm satisfied that we've caught any misprints, the book will be produced and the first batch will be sent to me. I've been advised that it takes another six weeks or so for other distributors to have the book (like Amazon). So the first copies will only be available on my website unless I get some copies stocked in a few local book stores. I haven't even gotten to the marketing part yet. I have barely thought about it, to be honest.

Once I submit my files, I can't see it taking longer than two weeks to have books. So I thought I would let you know that. Some of you who have pre-ordered have been waiting a while and I want to say one more time that I really appreciate your patience! You will have your book soon!