I don't take a lot of tests on Facebook. But some I can't resist. "Which book of the Bible are you?" caught my attention and I couldn't resist. I enjoyed taking the quiz. I liked the questions. All of my answers were clear cut. There was one obvious answer for me in each case. I had no idea what it would say about me. But the result was encouragement I needed today. If this is not yet who I am, it is who I aspire to be.

This was my result:

"Which book of the Bible are you?"


Passionate about justice, you can't be at peace until you've done your best to help the oppressed. You are not afraid to speak truth to power, though you've paid the price for doing so. You will sacrifice for the good of others; you're a true servant-leader. You do not rely on your own power. You don't have to. You've seen Providence step in to change what looked like disaster into victory. At the same time, you've suffered and been lonely as a result of your refusal to go along with the crowd. You know that the great plan is beyond our limited comprehension, and what looks like a loss to you may eventually turn out to be a win.

If you're on FB and happen to take this quiz, I would love to know your result!


Thank you for the suggestion of this little quiz. I haven't introduced myself yet, but I have been following your blog lately and look forward to your new book coming out. I am praying for your husband and all that is on your plate right now. May our God comfort you and lead you to peace.

I took the test and was told I am 1 Corithians: You love at all times. You see beyond the anger and offense and you look at the heart of a person. You understand that love conquers all and it is more important to love than to hate. You have seen love accomplish great things in your life.
Shari said…
Sherie, thank you for leaving this comment and even more for your prayers. 1 Corinthians is a great Bible book to be judging by that description! : )