Thanks, Rachel!

I've pre-sold my first book!

Rachel Brady is the first person to reserve an advance copy.

The PayPal plan works great. I got an email notification with all the shipping information right there. Rachel, I will never forget that you bought the first book before it was even printed. I love you. Thank you SO MUCH!


Shari said…
I really didn't feel confident that anyone would actually buy a book in advance. But I have already sold four copies.

I just finished giving a blog interview about the book. I will post a link when it's published.
Rachel said…
YAY!! I can't wait to have the book in my hot little hands. I know I will not be able to put it down once I start reading. I am also sure it will evoke many emotions, especially the tear falling kind. Thank you for your willingness to put it "all" out there no matter the cost. Love you!!
tim said…
Hey since she was first does she get her copy hand delivered?
Shari said…
Is that an invitation to come visit? Although that would be some expensive shipping, it's one hand delivery I would really enjoy making!
Celeste Maia said…
Hi Shari, I am in the north of Portugal where until today I was unable to connect anything. It was pure bliss, the silence all around, time to read and to watch the sky at night, breathtaking under Thursday's full moon.
When I return home I will order a personalized book, but it may be more expensive to mail it overseas. I may be coming to the States at the end of September, so I could give you an address there.
Shari said…
Celeste, that's a great idea. Although I will be happy to send the book to you anywhere you are! I so appreciate your interest in the book! Thank you for your friendship and all the sweet comments on my blog!

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