A progress report on the book...

We have been out looking at houses most of the day and decided to stop by our own so John could mapquest a house he saw on the Internet. Any minute we will head out again for some more "roaming the boro" and then decide what we're doing for dinner (MY favorite part of the day). So I thought I would take just a minute and post an update.

This morning I finished reviewing my editor's proposed changes and questions from five more chapters. We have seven more chapters to go on the first review. Once he goes through all of my revisions and answers, we will do a final review before printing. I am trying to be SO meticulous about confirming every detail of my own memory. I know he probably thinks I'm stressing out over things that couldn't possibly even matter, but I can't help it.

Our pastor talked again last night about being a person of complete truth. He pointed out that a lot of people think telling the truth simply means not telling a one hundred and eighty degree falsehood from the truth. But that isn't God's definition. After this book is in print, I don't want to look back on any of it and think that I should have worded even a sentence differently. This is a conviction I feel over literally every sentence and even details that don't change the story one way or another.

I am going to set up an online shopping cart soon so people can pre-order the book.

John is ready to resume house hunting. Gotta go!


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