Advance Purchase of Your Personalized Copy


I have been asked by friends when they can put their order in for the book because they want a first run, personalized copy. So I just installed a PayPal link to my website for anyone who wants to purchase the book in advance.

I'm still hoping to publish by the end of August, but I think it could be early September. Once I have the cover and a complete edited file (proof read), printing won't take more than a week. So the end of August is still possible, but I don't know if it's completely realistic. I'm also waiting on the epilogue writer and I have to obtain written permission to print lyrics from a song in the book. So I am on other people's time schedules right now.

Everyone involved in this project has been so generous with their time and talent, I don't want to push anyone or be demanding about a deadline. It will come together when it's supposed to. I have believed from the beginning that God's timing is the best timing.

I don't expect many people to pre-order the book. But I have been asked by several about advance purchase, so I just wanted to make that option available on the website. If you are the first purchaser of the book, I will let you know. That first buyer is going to be very special to me. I am also eager to know that the feature is working properly. PayPal takes a percentage of every transaction, so I didn't want to purchase my own book just to see how it works. I can wait for someone to buy the first copy. If you attempt to place an order and the feature doesn't work, please let me know by emailing me.

I priced the book at $20 including tax and shipping on my website. For those close by, I plan to hand deliver your personalized book.

I'm pretty sure the book will be priced at $16.95 elsewhere (PLUS tax and shipping). Taxes, shipping costs and PayPal processing may exceed $3.00 per transaction (for me) but I wanted to keep it simple. I don't want to calculate individual taxes and shipping costs on my website.

Buying the book directly from me is the only way to get a personalized copy. Not everyone will care about that, obviously. But I'm honored that my friends would ask me to write something personal in their book.