A work in progress...


I started working on a Web page for my book today. It's very basic at this point. I have no skills or experience in Web design. So I'm telling myself that I can always have someone give it a professional makeover down the road. But right now I just need to have a place other than my blog for updates and information about the book.

I have only created a Home Page so far. I plan to add a few more pages to the site as time permits and I may publish a few excerpts from the book. But I haven't even figured out exactly what I want on the site yet. I can only be so creative while distracted by two little munchkins wanting to sit on my lap eating Mini Wheats (and all sorts of other things).

I have Joshua and Andrew until Saturday. And tomorrow Cheryl, Jackson, Karlie, Lexi and Nikki are all coming out for a two night slumber party. So Camp Howerton will be rockin'! I have loaded up on goodies and we'll be feasting tomorrow on homemade pizza. The boys are excited about getting to play with Nikki.

Well, the Mini Wheats are flying. Time to read a book, brush teeth and get these little boys tucked into their beds. I just wanted to let you know that there is a "baby" Web page in its infancy now. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Shari said…
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Shari said…
I asked my editor this morning if he still thinks August 31 is a reasonable expectation for publication and he said yes!

When he's done with his work, the file will be ready for online publishing. I am confident my cover will be done before the end of August. So it looks like I'm on track for a book in print less than nine months after I began to write the first words!

(Thanks again, Cheryl, for posting a comment under "Truth Matters." There are a few people in my life whose involvement and support I could not have completed this book without. Every time you've told me that I've expressed your heart (here or on the msg. board), it has given me additional strength to endure the criticism that comes with taking a visible stand.)
Celeste Maia said…
Shari, congratulations on the upcoming book, I cant wait to read it. I went to your new book site and liked it. You look gorgeous in the photograph, such a nice smile.
Anytime you feel like it, come visit my part of the world, life has also a nice cadence here.