July 4 Weekend - Reunion Concert

As most of you know, John performed in a reunion concert with his band from the seventies, Perpetual Motion, Saturday night. It was great. To make it even better, we had many family members and friends come out to hear him. In addition to John's family, my family from Mt. Carmel, Illinois were there. Danny and Brett drove from Nashville to Evansville. Even our friends, Karen and Ricky, made the drive. This made the night even more special!

I have numerous video clips of the band performing, which I am in the process of loading on YouTube. Loading video on YouTube is, however, a slow process! And the process becomes even slower if I lose my wireless connection in the middle of an upload and have to start all over! Check back later for additions to this post.

After doing a lot of their original music, the guys responded to a request from the audience for Rocky Mountain Way. (Terri wanted to hear it, so I yelled out the request.) The band had not rehearsed this song together, but they were good sports and decided to wing it for us. The last time these guys even played together as a group was fifteen years ago. They only had three days to rehearse because some of them no longer live in Evansville. Mike Geiser came all the way from Rhode Island. Jon Roman and Michael Gillim both came from Florida.

The guys in the band, from left to right, are:
Michael Gillim (guitar), John Howerton (guitar), Tim Simpson (drums), Steve Fritz (guitar), Michael Geiser (bass guitar), Scott Dill (keyboards). The guys refer to this "version" of the band as PM 3 because there were three incarnations of Perpetual Motion. John was a member of PM 2 (a four piece) and PM 3 (a six piece).


Danny Bryant said…
it was a lot of fun.
eric brenton said…
Hey John,

You rock, dude! Singing your fanny off! Wish I could have been there.
Celeste Maia said…
What fun! I had a good time listening to the videos, and just wanted to dance along too. You must have been so proud.