Fun in the Sun!

After having a bit of a melancholy day on Wednesday, I decided to spend Thursday at Danny and Rebecca's, hanging out with them, Joshua and Andrew. It was a good decision. We had a fun, laid back, laughter filled day. Just what I needed. We went to "Pie in the Sky" (my favorite pizza), ran some errands, then came back and hooked up the Slip 'n Slide for the kids. They even got to skip their naps in honor of my visit. (I'm sure there was a price to be paid for that after I was long gone.)

I have a great life because of the people in my life. These are definitely three of those people!

I wrote the acknowledgments for my book this past week and the dedication. I enjoyed writing the acknowledgments and am so eager to share them, it's hard to wait. I once considered posting my preface onto my blog just to give an intro into what the book is about. But I never have. After writing the acknowledgments, I was so eager to say my thank yous that I considered posting that as well. But I should probably wait.

The editing process is maddening for me at times because I am on someone else's time schedule. But I really like my editor. We are getting to know each other through this process. (He's getting to know me more, of course.) I want to be patient. I know he has a life. He had some unexpected things come up toward the end of the week, so he could not devote the whole day Friday to my editing. He will do that Tuesday now, instead. He sent me a couple more chapters to review last night and said he may have it completely edited (the first time through) by the end of this week. Of course, then he will go back and read my answers to his questions and my changes. So we won't be done. But I'm hoping the book will be in print by the end of August. And that certainly seems possible.

I'm still having a hard time deciding whether to print hard covers or paperbacks. I really want it in hard cover, but doing both is not a wise decision at this point. It needs to be one or the other so I don't have to design both a cover and a book jacket. I need to explore the online publishing site and see just how much of a price difference there is between the two. I'm sure that when I see the difference, I will wind up going with the paperback for now. I want to keep the price down for readers. But hard cover books are just so much nicer and hold up better.

I recently discovered that someone I know wrote a children's book called The Town of Ill. The author is Tim Todd. I don't know Tim that well, but I was so proud for him when I saw his accomplishment. I linked the title to its page on just in case you want to check it out. Congratulations, Tim!


Celeste Maia said…
Yes, spending time with our loved ones is what really counts! So glad you had a good time, the kids are so cute.
If I may, I would love to read the preface of your book, yes please, Shari, can you post it?
Shari said…
Thank you for your interest, Celeste. I am very eager to share something from the book, actually. However, I am about to set up a website for the book and I haven't posted the preface here because if I post it ahead of releasing the book, I think I should post it on the book's website rather than my blog. For one thing, it's a little long for a blog post. Where this book is concerned, I have not wanted to do anything on impulse. And that is why I have chosen to wait. But I am getting very close to having a published book, so it won't be long.
Anonymous said…
I will be praying for you and the decisions you will be making for your book. I would like to read it when you have it published. I won't say good luck because I believe in a God who is sovereign in everything. His will for your life and accomplishments will be done.
Shari said…
Thank you, Barry. I sure do appreciate your prayers. And you are right. There is no such thing as luck. I claim Romans 8:28 in every facet of my life! God has already proven His faithfulness in my life over and over again! I am blessed.