You can register as a marrow donor Friday in Murfreesboro!

Marrowthon in Murfreesboro

Check out the link above. There will be a marrow drive at the First Presbyterian Church on Spring Street here in Murfreesboro. It's so simple to register. They swab your cheek to get a tissue sample. That's it. Then if you happen to be a match for someone needing a transplant, you will be contacted.

Remember, it is a MYTH that donating marrow is a painful procedure. They put you out for the procedure and you don't feel anything but some soreness in your hip area for a few days following. It is an out-patient procedure. That's all it takes to give the gift of life.

Someday my John may need this gift. Please register!


Jennifer said…
Hey...where in Hendersonville can I register?
Shari said…
I don't know of a drive in Hendersonville. However, you can register on the website and they will mail you a kit to swab your own cheeks. That's how I did it. You don't have to go to a live drive. I just wanted everyone in my area to know that there would be one here in town this week. Rebecca saw it on the website and alerted me. I hadn't even seen it!