A Warning of Eternal Damnation

Let me begin this post by saying that it's a free country and we are allowed free speech. A "blogger" has the liberty to speak their mind and heart on their own personal blog. I recognize, appreciate and enjoy that liberty. I have occasionally received an email from someone who was upset about something I wrote on my blog and my first thought has always been, "This is my own personal blog. If you don't like me and you have a problem with my opinions, why would you read my blog?"

However, I do at times find myself reading the blog of someone I don't agree with. I have never emailed anyone to challenge their opinions privately, but I have left public comments ON THE BLOG with my real name and profile attached. That is usually what comment sections are for; people's responses to what you have written and an opportunity to discuss those opinions (not just from people who agree with you). I have never deleted someone's comment because they challenged or disagreed with me. I respond. I don't silence people.

Recently, I came across a blog of a prominent minister in the cult I was raised in (GAC/Sowders/Body of Christ). His name is Paul Dyal and he pastors a church in Jacksonville, Florida. I commented (respectfully) on his blog and he has since changed his blog so that you cannot comment unless you are his "follower." Again, it's his blog and his prerogative. I have no problem with that.

I am only mentioning his blog for one reason. I would like to share (for the benefit of those who have no experience with a cultish group such as this) the tactics that are used to instill fear in anyone who would challenge their teachings and practices. These are the enslaving tactics of a religious cult.

In his June 16 entry, entitled "A Root of Bitterness" Dyal is writing to people he does not permit to challenge him openly on his blog. People like me. He dismisses those who challenge this group and its teachings as bitter backbiters who will stop at nothing in their quest for vengeance. He then issues strong condemnation and even suggests that the claims made against this group are without evidence or merit. I happen to know that there IS merit and evidence to back up many of the claims this man wants to dismiss as slanderous. In this particular blog entry, he writes the following:

"The word Satan means adversary or if you will enemy. There were people who fulfilled that responsibility in times of old, and there must be those who fulfill the responsibility of being adversaries of the work of God today."

He is calling those who have been sinned against and abused (spiritually and sexually) adversaries and enemies of the work of God. This is how the group attempts to silence those who would speak against such abuses. I am familiar with this tactic and I am no longer intimidated by it. But this is one of the reasons people find it so difficult to break free from controlling groups like this. Men like this control others through fear and warnings of condemnation.

The following quote is the conclusion of his blog entry. He is warning people (like me) that we are in danger of eternal damnation for speaking against this group (which is a religious cult). He claims that his group is doing God's work in the earth and speaking for God. Anyone who opposes them is therefore working and speaking against God. He warns that such people are in danger of eternal damnation (his words, not mine) and blaspheming the Holy Ghost. I ask you, could there be a more extreme display of arrogance than this?

"To speak against what God is doing in the earth through the Holy Ghost is to blaspheme the Holy Ghost, Mark 3:23-29. This ministry and this move of God is working with and speaking for God by reason of the Holy Ghost. Anyone working against and speaking against The Body and the Ministry of God are working and speaking against the Holy Ghost, and are in danger of eternal damnation. Whatsoever is sown shall be reaped. Bitterness is a terrible evil and will defile someone if not soon repented of. Unforgiveness is an unforgivable sin."

Words such as this confirm to me that I am to be bold in my stand against this "movement." This is absolutely wrong. It is controlling and manipulative. God does not use or endorse such tactics. He does not sanction them or approve of them. Whenever men embrace tactics such as these to intimidate others into silence, you can be absolutely sure they are not speaking for God.


Danny Bryant said…
amen. i'm glad dyal and other leaders in the cult are willing to be transparent about their doctrinal beliefs.

i wish the leaders of the cult we left would take the same bold stance instead of shifting and hiding all the time under the guise of winsomeness and transparency. your book will do much to expose the showy production that is currently playing.
Celeste Maia said…
I could not agree with you more. To use the name of God to manipulate people with fear and intolerance is wrong. Unfortunately it has happened with small minded people throughout history. Everyone should be able to find their own way to express spirituality. Celeste
justme said…
Wow, using Mark 3:23-29 to support what they are saying. That's quite the twist to Scripture.
Danny Bryant said…
i've been thinking about how ironic it is that leaders like dyal and brown think urgent attention must be paid to cgt because of the length of hair and women wearing pants. i don't follow closely enough to know, but i don't recall hearing any urgent meetings regarding steve's repeated comparisons between covering molestation and putting butter on burns. the ethical inconsistencies are astounding. much like steve's attention to rebecca's wardrobe instead of innocent children in his congregation.

how do any of them look each other in the eye and attempt to take any type of stance on anything? it is tragically comical.
Shari said…
I often think of something Allen said to me in Israel. He was talking about how obvious the truth of Jesus is to us and how we can so often feel frustrated, thinking to ourselves about someone, "Why can't they see? It's so obvious."

The answer is "Because they are blind."

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