Update on Lillian

I spoke to Marian today. She said that Lillian still has a lot of pain in her jaw (they had to break it in two places). The abscess in her neck is getting better, but it has really been slow to heal. She had the abdominal feeding tube put in Friday. She still has a tracheotomy, but hopefully that will be removed in a few more days. She has had many setbacks and her hospital stay has been longer than the ten days her surgeon predicted intially. (She had surgery on May 21). But in a few more days, she will go from the hospital to a rehab/nursing home facility where they will help her begin learning how to speak and eat (with so much of her inner mouth gone).

After she has recovered from the surgery, she will be undergoing rounds of radiation, chemotherapy, more radiation, more chemotherapy. She still has so much ahead of her. She will definitely lose all of her teeth from the radiation.

Marian says Lillian has many friends in Reno who love her and keep a constant check on her. Marian has been there since the 22nd of May and is going to stay two more weeks before coming home for a rest. I'm sure she will go back at some point. Hopefully I can go out this summer, too.

Thank you all for your prayers!


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I can only imagine the discomfort that Lillian is experiencing as my dads situation seemed very similar to Lillians. I have added her, Marian and John to my daily prayer list...
P.S....My dad is fully recovered..and has been cancer free for 7 years!!
To God be the glory!! Amen!!
Shari said…
Janelle, I not only appreciate you sharing this with me; I appreciate you sharing it here on my blog where other family members can read it! Thank you. And thank you for praying for my sister-in-law. I love you.
Anonymous said…
Shari: i will be Praying for Miss Lilian, although i d nt know her, I know she is Gods child. God Blesss You and Family: Shiloh

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