Martin Luther Quote

"The gospel tastes best to those who lie in the straits of death or whom an evil conscience oppresses, for in that case hunger is a good cook as we say, one who makes the food taste good . . . But that hardened class who live in their own holiness, build on their own works, and feel not their sin and misery do not taste this food. Whoever sits at a table and is hungry relishes all, however, he who is sated relishes nothing." - Martin Luther


Celeste Maia said…
I just "discovered" your fascinating blog and stayed and read every single entry all the way into the past. You are passionate, generous and a very good writer. Congratulations! I will want to buy your book on hard cover or paperback! I also have CLL and last week started a blog which I would be very happy if you have a look, All the best to you and your husband, Celeste from Spain
Shari said…
Celeste, thank you so much for leaving a comment to let me know you were here. I would love to read your blog. I'll put a link on my page. How fun to have a friend in Spain reading my thoughts!

Also, one can never have too many friends for the CLL journey. My husband just recently gave me permission (while he was under the influence of pain meds) to discuss his CLL on my blog. Until he did, I didn't talk about it publicly.

I am running out the door but I will check out your blog when I get back!

Thanks again for saying hello, Celeste from Spain!