A few more pictures...

Eric and Ann's flight home should have taken off by now. They left our house this morning at about 6:30 after a cup of coffee with John and me at the kitchen table. It's been the most enjoyable week and the time has flown. I've posted a whole photo album of pictures on my Facebook page, but here are just a few from the second half of the week.

There were a few friends of mine that Eric and Ann did not have the opportunity to meet while living in Tennessee. So we had lunch.

Danny was directing a sports camp this week, so we met up with him, Rebecca, and the kids there for a couple of hours.

I have two chapters to read through (containing my editor's proposed changes) this morning. I will have another chapter by tonight. I need to start writing my acknowledgments page soon. I have more company arriving tomorrow. And John's reunion concert with his band from the seventies (Perpetual Motion) is next weekend in Evansville. One busy week comes to a close and another begins.

Thanks, Eric and Ann, for coming to see us! We had a great time. I love you (you knew that). John loves you. And Marian loves you. She has said over and over what a wonderful couple you are and what "easy" house guests, too! I totally agree. You will be missed. If you're reading this, you're home. I hope you had a pleasant flight back and now I will start looking forward to our next visit. Who knows...maybe the next time we see each other, John and I will be visiting Disneyland! (I love Disneyland!)


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