Conversations with Joshua (my turn)

Me: "Joshua, you're being too rough. I'm a grandma. You're supposed to play nice with grandmas."

Joshua: "I'm Spiderman. I'm not nice."

Me: "I thought Spiderman was a good guy."

Joshua: "He IS a good guy. He's just not a nice guy."

Now that I think about it, he's making a pretty good distinction for a three year old.


Celeste Maia said…
What a clever boy Joshua is! Amazing how he can already differentiate "good" from "nice".
On a diffferent note, John Wagner left a comment in my blog entry were I wrote that living with CLL is like living with a Siamese twin, everywhere we go she comes with us...". John commented "I learned even more about you. I did not realize our Siamese twin, CLL, was female!" I really laughed with his comment. Then I answered "You mean you did not know CLL was female? Vague, tenacious...always naggging at you..."