So far...

...50 is great. At some point, the party has to end. But I'm still celebrating.

I started the party on Thursday, April 30 with Robin. We had a long breakfast/lunch at Mimi's. She did all the driving and brought me a bottle of wine. Celebration #1

Saturday night we went to dinner with Mark and Anita at Bonefish. Celebration #2

Tuesday (my actual birthday) I spent the whole day with the kids and we had lunch at La Paz. Danny had an extra long lunch break that day and joined us. Celebration #3

I came home Tuesday evening to roses and two cards from John. One was funny; the other was probably the best card he has ever given me. And he has given me plenty of great cards. We spent a quiet evening at home, since we had tickets to TPAC the next night. Celebration #4

Wednesday night John took me to Ruth's Chris for dinner and we saw "Happy Days" (a Broadway Series Musical) at TPAC. Celebration #5

Tomorrow is the BIG celebration. We're going to Barbados for the week! Celebration #6

And when I get back, I have lunch plans to celebrate with Janette and Cheryl. Celebrations #7 and #8

I think I've set a record for birthday cards this year, too. Maybe turning 50 isn't so bad!!!

Danny and Rebecca got me a really nice lap desk for my laptop. I have used it every day since. But my most favorite gift of all was a little blue journal Danny gave me. And it's my favorite gift because of what he wrote inside. I love you, Danny!

I don't care how old I am. I think I just love having birthdays. Let's see...maybe I can drag this one out for the whole month of May.

What I need to do right now is go check my lasagna. A friend of ours is going to house sit while we're gone and he loves my lasagna. So I baked a huge pan for him to eat all week while he's here.

One other thing, if I could ask a favor. John's sister, Lillian, was just diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her neck and she is facing surgery. Please keep her in your prayers.

I haven't decided if I'm taking the laptop on the road with me yet, but if I do, I will probably be checking in with a few pictures...


Go Shari!
Congrats on the birthday celebration!
Danny Bryant said…
i love you, too. have a great trip. my money says you take the laptop.
Shari said…
And you would have won the jackpot. I did bring it and I'm sure glad I did! I'm sitting in the open air lounge with a frozen rum punch checking my mail, my blog and my FB next. We went to orientation this morning and booked all of our little activities for the week. Lunch is the next thing on my itinerary. I will be checking in!

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