She still has her sense of humor!

I talked to my mother-in-law yesterday and got another update on Lillian. She definitely has retained her sense of humor through this. You'd have to know her. She is very colorful. She is a born entertainer and used to sing professionally. John has told me that when she walked on a stage, she had such "presence," she just took command of an audience. That doesn't surprise me.

Anyway, Marian said that Lillian's daughter, Phoebe, arrived. The two of them are staying at Lillian's apartment. And yesterday morning, Phoebe called the room to see if Lillian needed anything that she could pick up on her way to the hospital. Lillian cannot speak yet and has to communicate in writing. But the nurse was there and answered the phone. When she asked Lillian what Phoebe could bring her, she wrote, "Old Crow, cigarettes and men." LOL.

That's my sister-in-law. I have never heard of Old Crow and I didn't know what she was talking about. I asked John, "Have you ever heard of Old Crow Cigarettes? What are they?" He informed me that Old Crow is whiskey. That was when I realized there was a comma between Old Crow and cigarettes.

Of course, Lillian is never going to smoke another cigarette. I know she was just being funny. And I felt encouraged that she was making jokes. But I also know that she has a rough road in front of her and there will be some days when her sense of humor will fail her. The doctor advised that there would be depression as she adjusts to the changes resulting from such extensive surgery.

I plan to wait and go see her in July. The doctor said she cannot even think about working for at least three months and probably only part time even then. So I am thinking that she is going to need company later on; perhaps even more than she does right now.

I have been praying that I can be an encouragement to her when I see her. I want her to know how much Jesus loves her and that a relationship with Him is both necessary for salvation and also the greatest opportunity available to us in this life. I have not witnessed a lot. I'm not experienced. I feel so inadequate and I don't think I do it well. In the group I was raised in, I didn't really want to tell anyone what we believed. In my opinion, it wasn't good news. And since I have been gone from there, I have grown in the Gospel and learned about grace. But all of my friends are Christians and I don't encounter unsaved people in my daily life. I just feel really, really lame. So I'm praying that God will equip me for His service and give me effective words to share the gift of salvation with others who need to hear about and feel their need of our Savior.

I began this morning to reread Beth Moore's study "Breaking Free." I did the study years ago when I was about to leave my former church. It's interesting to read what I wrote in the blanks back then. I was beginning to recognize how much my faith had been in certain people instead of God. I'm so thankful I am no longer finding my identity in other people or a group. I have found a real relationship with Jesus Christ. My identity is found in Him and Him alone. I truly believe I am a miracle.

I know I say this over and over again, but I am so thankful for the Gospel. I am being set free daily.

I remember hearing Dr. George and Miss Betty talk about praying to God that they would not waste their lives and the days God had given them; that they would make a difference for the Kingdom of God. I have the tendency to piddle away a lot of time on unimportant things. I prayed this morning that God will help me change and that my life will become more effective in touching and pointing others to Him.


John Wagner said…
I have been catching up reading your blog this morning. I had not read about Lillian previously. This is encouraging news after such extensive surgery. I will definitely be adding her to my prayers.

I enjoyed reading all the entries and catching up on the news. I love your style. I just have to make sure I don't wait so long to come back here.
Shari said…
John! Thanks for your comment! I have enjoyed your blog as well and need to return to IT more often! I'm glad I told Deb to go ahead and list my blog on the forum.
Anonymous said…
This is a difficult time for your sister-in-law as well as the entire family. During this difficult time she needs a lot of support and encouragement. I agree, planning to spend time with her in July is a good idea, for it gives her something to look forward to.

My brother-in-law recently dealt with stage 4 Esophageal Cancer,which was not operable he had massive doses of Chemo and is in remission. It is amazing what the body can go through. Faith,attitude, and support are so important.

Shari, you will be surprised at the amount of strength you have and how encouraging you will be.
We never know what affect we have on others. I would love to sit with you, have a cup of coffee, and just talk. LOL.

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