Of course I brought my laptop...

I have wireless access in the lounge/patio area of the resort, but not in the room. This is probably a good thing. It will help me limit my time checking email and Facebook. : )

We arrived pretty late last night. These bargain packages don't give you the best choices of flights. We flew in a small jet from Nashville to Miami and then in a large one from Miami to Barbados. After we landed, we had a 40 minute ride to the resort. So by the time we checked in, there was no food being served anywhere and nothing happening. We had only eaten a slice of pizza during our layover, so we were hungry! (They gave us some fruit.) We were shown to our room and it was not quite what we anticipated. The resort is advertised as a four star all inclusive. I wouldn't call it that. It's nice; it just wasn't what either of us were expecting. I guess a Barbados four star is just not quite the same as a U.S. four star.

We are right on the beach. We have our own little patio and beach chairs just outside the door. But the bed was uncomfortable. I dreamed that I was on vacation with a girlfriend (Debbie Harney) and in the dream we were talking about how bad our backs hurt from sleeping in a bad bed. LOL. In my dream, we were trying to get more comfortable by laying pillows vertically on the bed and laying on top of them to cushion our backs. I was dreaming this because I was hurting through the night. I am 50, after all. ha ha. When we got up, I told John my dream and wondered if the pillow idea might actually work in reality as well as I thought it had in my dream. (Nope.)

First thing this morning, I was feeling like maybe this wasn't the greatest deal. But then we attended the orientation, booked all of our activities for the week and had the most delicious lunch overlooking the ocean. They also serve the most delicious frozen rum punch drinks (all included). I started to really perk up by lunch. Good food will do it every time for me. Breakfast and lunch were both a buffet. Breakfast was just okay. But lunch was very good. We will be having Bajan food at one of the resort restaurants tonight. It's the authentic island food. Tomorrow night we are going to a Harbor Lights dinner/show on the beach. It sounds very much like a Hawaiian Luau. We booked a couple of sightseeing tours and we have all of our dinner reservations made. The last night of our stay we are going to the number one rated restaurant on the island. They charge your credit card just to reserve a table because they are always totally booked.

After lunch, we took a long walk along the beach. It was so beautiful and relaxing. I'm thinking that I can put up with the bed. ; )

I will try to post some pictures while we're here. I think I am going to read by the pool for a while until time to get ready for dinner. Happy Mother's Day, everyone!


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