Miss Oblivious strikes again!

(I snagged the above photo from the Internet.)

We took a tour of the island today and saw some of the most beautiful places. I got my camera out to take the first picture of the day and realized I had not put my memory card back in my camera after downloading last night's pictures! Argh! (Feeling like a pirate after my rum tasting at the Mount Gay Rum Distillery.)

So, here are a couple of links to the gorgeous sites we saw today!

Sunbury Plantation and St. John's Parish Church Pictures

Bathsheba Pictures

We are sitting in the patio area near the pool right now and John is hand feeding nibbles of cake to the little finches. They serve Afternoon Tea at the resort every day. Lots of British tourists here in the British West Indies. We've met some really nice couples.


justme said…
Great pictures, Shari! Looks and sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time.

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