Lillian Update

Marian called this afternoon. She sounded encouraged. She told John that Lillian looked better than she was expecting. She is already up walking. She is on morphine and still in pain. But she seems to be doing well for all she has been through. I will be sure to add updates as I have them. I'm very thankful for everyone's prayers and I know Lillian is, too.

Today was eventful for me. I had overnight company and when they left around 3:00, I knew I had barely enough time to get ready for church. We usually leave the house by 4:20 for the 5:00 service. I put a few dishes in the dishwasher and bundled up some trash to take outside (stuff I didn't want to put in the compactor). I always lock the deadbolt, but never the knob. And most of the time, when I run out to put something in the trash, I don't even close the laundry room door behind me for the few seconds it takes to throw something away. But today I did because I didn't want Dash to get out. And guess what? When I grabbed the doorknob to re-enter the house, it was locked. I was locked out. And I was not presentable enough to venture out of the garage. But I knew John would be home in about an hour. So I just sat in my vehicle and waited. However, this meant that I could not be ready to leave for church shortly after he arrived.

I was so frustrated. Someone else must have automatically locked the knob without even thinking about it. I am so used to it being unlocked, I didn't think to check it before closing the door behind me. The happiest moment of my day was when I finally heard the garage door go up and knew John was home! Unfortunately, I didn't make it to church.

My other big moment today happened just a few minutes ago when we got home from dinner. I changed kitty litter for the first time in my life. I was not looking forward to it, but Rebecca was right; easier than changing a diaper.