Babysitting Dash

Dash is my grand-kitten. I know. The last thing any of my friends would expect is for me to agree to babysit a cat for a week or more. But Dash is not just any cat. He is family. He belongs to Joshua and Andrew. His home away from home is my laundry room, but I haven't made him stay in there very much. He seems to be enjoying the peace and quiet of not being chased around by two and three year old boys. Don't fall out of your chair, but I actually like him.

I am waiting on another update about Lillian. Marian called me on her layover to tell me that she had heard from Lillian's best friend that they were already getting her up to walk yesterday. She was still in ICU and unable to talk (having to write messages on a pad). But they expect her to be moved to a regular room soon. Thank you all for your prayers.


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