Tim Keller and some random thoughts...

I just finished my twenty-fourth chapter. And I talked about Tim Keller's spiritual influence in my life. I hope he doesn't mind.

My wrists are sore from typing and I have pain in the muscle of my right calf from I don't know what. It doesn't hurt when I'm on the stair machine, so it can't be that. But it hurts when I walk. I have no recollection of an injury. Maybe I'm just sitting too much at a keyboard? Maybe I need to do more stretching? Maybe I am just getting old? (That's my new explanation for everything.)

I so badly need to work on my patio and start cleaning out pots for new spring flowers. But I am so unmotivated to do it!

Easter was wonderful. Charlie Daniels did a great job. I think he's my new favorite. If you think about it, say a prayer for him. He left for Iraq yesterday to visit our troops. He is such a good guy and so genuine. It's a privilege to know him.

I'm not usually brief when I blog, but I am spending all of my words elsewhere lately. I can't wait to share my whole testimony in one book -- especially with my closest friends. Even if only people who know me read it, it will be such a privilege to share this book with those closest to me!


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