Sad Day in Nashville

I can't believe how sad I feel about Dan Miller's untimely passing. I felt the same way about Tim Russert. Although I certainly did not know either of them personally, I felt like I did because I saw them so regularly on my television. They both seemed like such good guys.

Most nights Dan Miller was one of the last faces I would see before going to sleep. And not too long ago John asked me if I had ever noticed the little elbow touch between Dan and Demetria at the end of the news. I had never noticed. But once he pointed it out to me, I noticed their obvious affection for each other every night. As she spoke about him tonight on the news, I could tell she was struggling not to show emotion. At one point, when she was being interviewed by someone in a taped segment, I could tell she was getting choked up.

I keep thinking about Dan's family and friends; his wife especially. I can only imagine the pain she is feeling. I don't even like to let myself think about how devastating it would be for me to lose John or trying to face a life without him. I think that's a part of the emotion I feel. When these unexpected and sudden "ends" come, it's a very tangible reminder of how someone can be with us one moment and gone the next.

I'm thankful for the hope I have in Christ. And I'm thankful for all the love in my life. I want to wake up in the morning; don't get me wrong. But if I didn't, I would leave this world so grateful, so very content. In a few weeks, I will celebrate the sixth anniversary of meeting John. My life changed forever that night. And the last six years of my life have been more blessed than I could ever have deserved or even asked for. I thank God every morning for the life He has given me; for salvation and for the people He has placed in my life. John, of course, is at the top of that list. ; )

Every day is a gift. Every breath is a gift. We don't know what tomorrow holds, but we know Who holds our tomorrows.


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