Well, I discovered yesterday that when I post a link to my Facebook photo albums on my blog, it isn't available to anyone who is not a Facebook user. I set my pictures to be seen by everyone and I can share the albums through email with non-FB users. So I assumed a link on my blog would be a similar invitation. But I was informed by a friend yesterday that the link resulted in a log-in request. So...sorry about that. If you want to see my pictures and you are not on FB, email me and I will send an invitation via email.

I get to see my kids today. And tomorrow afternoon one of John's buddies from high school is coming to see us, go to church and dinner with us and spend the night on his way through town. I'm looking forward to that. When John and Chuck get together, it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

I am continuing to write furiously. I don't know if everything I've written will wind up in the finished product, but John keeps encouraging me to write everything down and let an editor help me decide what's expendable. I think that's good advice.

An unexpected upside to writing my book has been weight loss! When I'm focused on writing, I don't even think about food. I can go all day on a cup of coffee and never feel hungry. I noticed my clothes were feeling looser and I got on the scale yesterday. I was shocked to see 129 on the scale. It's been a while since I have seen that number! There have been days I've stayed in the recliner with my laptop until mid-afternoon (in my jammies) because I couldn't find a place to stop.

Today I will take the day off and play with my grandkids. It makes me smile just thinking about it. I love it when Andrew sees me and says, "Hey Shaaaweeee."


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