New meaning to the title of my blog!

Of all days for me to be out of touch technologically.

I had friends over today. We had planned this get together weeks ago. And we had a "purpose" for the visit. We had gone to get sandwiches and returned to my house, made coffee, were sitting around the kitchen table engrossed in conversation. It started raining and then hailing a little bit. But we never lost power or cable. And we didn't hear any scary noises. It just didn't seem like any big deal. Then one friend said, "You know, there are tornado warnings out for this afternoon." And I said, "I'm sure we'll be fine. I'm not really worried. But I will go get the vacuum cleaner out of the hall closet under the stairs in case we all need to go huddle in there on a moment's notice." Then we went back to what we were doing.

The phone rang. It was Danny. "Are you okay?" I said, "Yeah, why?" And he said, "There's a tornado in Murfreesboro, really close to your house. Aren't you watching the news?" I told him I wasn't, but we would check it out. John called and I told him it never seemed that bad to us, so we weren't worried. He told me where it had hit and that it looked like it was going north. So we were probably out of danger. We glanced at the TV for a minute or two, then turned the sound down so we could continue with our visit. I had no idea how bad it was.

I was so involved in spending the day with my friends (who came from out of the area) that I never checked my email or Facebook all day. And you have no idea how unusual that is for me. I kept thinking that I would watch the news coverage later. It would be shown again and again.

Finally, after I got a few phone calls, I realized that people might be worried about me and wondering if I was okay. I was just so preoccupied, I wasn't thinking. So I finally put a status update on my Facebook page that I was fine and our neighborhood had not suffered any damage.

I have been reading other people's comments since my friends left and looking at some of the pictures on the Internet. I will definitely be watching the morning news. After discovering how extensive the damage was, I'm too wired to go to sleep and I am feeling very thankful to be safe tonight. I'm glad I wasn't here by myself. Had I been alone, I would have been watching all this unfolding on TV and I'm sure I would have been frightened. I guess this will be a day my friends and I won't forget any time soon.

Is it any wonder I entitled my blog "Miss Oblivious thinks out loud...?"


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