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I just created a new photo album on Facebook and thought I would share a link on my blog for those of you who are not Facebook users. We had a little baby shower for Cheryl yesterday. Jennifer's gift was the best! She surprised Cheryl (and Crystal) by flying Lynette (her cousin from CA) here for the shower. Lynette got in a wrapped box and hid. Since she wanted to surprise Crystal as well, she had to get in the box just before Crystal walked in and then stay in the box until Cheryl arrived. I will just say that poor Lynette was hot and sweaty by the time the box was opened. (Cheryl was waiting on Karlie and Lexi.) At one point, I whispered to Jennifer, "I hate it that Lynette is having to stay in the box this long!" And Jennifer said, "The box was her idea. I never would have made her go into a box." :D Too funny. Great memory.

I didn't know Lynette was coming. It was a well-guarded secret. And I arrived before anyone else. So when Lynette walked in with Jennifer, I looked at Dee Dee and said, "She looks just like Lynette." And Dee Dee said, "That IS Lynette." I started crying. I still can't get over what a generous and sweet thing that was for Jennifer to do.

Great job, Jennifer!


Anonymous said…
Thank you. I'm glad that it went over so well. I tried to keep you from coming early so that you could be surprised along with Cheryl but you just were not working with me on that :)

I figured if I pushed any harder you were going to start to think that it had something to do with you and you would have been all paranoid about it :) So I figured you would still be suprised just not with everyone else. It still worked out.

Today was more interesting because me, Cheryl, Crystal, Lynette, and Brandy decided to go get some Mexican food today. We totally forgot that it was Sunday and after 2 when we went to eat in White House. I walk in to see if there were any CGTers and sure enough to the table to my right was Rob, Julie, Bonnie, and Harver and Bonnie and Lance and some others. I went outside to tell them and they were OK with going in. The Massies could not have gotten out of there fast enoug. Then in the section we were being dat in we realized that Teresa and Brian along with Laurie Brochure and her husband we sitting right behind us. Lynette talked to he aunt who has no idea she was here. Laurie got out as fast as she could. Debbie and Donna were very kind. But I would bet money that they all were freaking out seeing us all together. They probably held a special meeting just to try and figure out what the 4 of us were doing together in White House. We thought it was a bit funny. I'm sure they think we have some kind of protest or something planned. I hope they spin lots of theories as to what we are up to. How disappointed they would be to learn the truth. :)

I'm really not so anonymous am I?
Shari said…
Jennifer, I mean Anonymous, ha ha...

I WAS surprised. And, yes, you would have triggered all my little insecurities if you had insisted I not come early. : )

Ah, Mexican dining in White House...

I'm glad you guys could all be together. But you couldn't have been planning anything big because your ring leader wasn't even present to orchestrate your lives!

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