Long time no post...

Hello dear friends and lurkers!
What a pitiful blogger I have become recently. ; )

Life has been extra busy lately and in practically all of my free time, I have been writing elsewhere. As most of you know, I have begun the process of writing a book about my personal testimony. I did not begin this endeavor as a therapeutic process for myself. I want to help others. But, oh, how cathartic this process has become! I cannot wait to share my efforts with those of you who have shared this same journey. I just this morning finished my twelfth chapter.

My deliverance becomes more miraculous to me with every reflection on the past. On the other hand, there are so many mixed emotions involved in reliving certain memories.

At times, I have to make myself take a break from the writing process and let my mind and emotions rest. When I do write, my laptop becomes an appendage I cannot seem to separate myself from. It is all-consuming.

The most rewarding part for me is the assurance I feel that God is directing me as I write. I have asked Him to block me in this process or convict my heart if He is not prompting me to share my testimony. But so far, each chapter has flowed out of my heart and onto the page.

I am leaning on the prayers of others as well as I continue. So thank you for praying for me.


Danny Bryant said…
was that your shortest post ever?
Shari said…
I think so! : )

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