Interesting Fox News appearance worth noting...

Joel Rosenberg on Glenn Beck today
I tend to be somewhat of a news junkie and I like Fox News. I also have a real interest in what is transpiring in Israel; especially as it relates to fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Joel Rosenberg is an author and speaker with great knowledge and insight into both. I just thought I would share on my blog that he will appear on the Glenn Beck show today on Fox News. It airs live from 5:00 to 6:00 Eastern, but I think the show will air more than once.

All of this has taken on greater meaning for me since our visit to Israel in November. There is something so life-changing about standing on the steps of the Temple Mount and realizing Jesus entered the Temple by those same steps. Seeing pictures of Jerusalem on the news now is completely different after standing on the Mt. of Olives overlooking the city of Jerusalem. After you have stood in the actual places where so many Bible prophecies have been fulfilled, it's hard to imagine that the prophecies which have not yet been fulfilled will not have a literal fulfillment. I know there are various interpretations of future prophecies and some take them spiritually or symbolically. But I really believe the prophecies concerning Israel are literal. And I have a greater interest in everything that takes place there today than I ever have in the past. In addition to that, after visiting this very special place in the plan of God, I have a love for Jerusalem that I did not have previously.

Anyway, I'm sure this interview will be insightful and interesting. So I thought I would alert you to it just in case you have any personal interest of your own.


Anonymous said…
I'll try to watch that online, it sounds interesting.

There is a book that I'm going to buy written by Barry Horner entitled "Future Israel". It is the biblical case why the church did not replace Israel and that God still has plans for the nation. There is so much fulfilled and unfulfilled prophecy on Israel that is mind boggling that people do not believe that those words of God are literal and that they are to be somehow spiritualized.

Todd E.
Shari said…
I totally agree with you on that, Todd. My small group and I are going to read Rosenberg's book "Epicenter" as our next discussion book. I've read about him and heard good things about him from people I respect a great deal.

Unfortunately, Glenn Beck didn't give Joel a chance to say much but did invite him back tomorrow. His segment today was at the end of the show. I was just about to create a new post about it and saw your comment.

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