Only one more day ahead of us...

We finished touring a little earlier on this (next to the last) day in Jerusalem. As we stood just outside the Holy Sepulchre, Allen gave us our options for the remainder of the day and dinner.

The following pictures are just outside the walls of the old city.

We enjoyed especially nice weather the entire trip. We went prepared for some rain. And they really need rain, so we sure weren't going to selfishly pray for sunshine. But it was in the low eighties just about every day and we didn't have a drop of rainfall.

We strolled down a street with a newer, open mall area on the way back to our hotel. Along this street were many stores any American would recognize. There was even a Mac make up store. I didn't care to shop on this trip (other than a few olive wood pieces), but there was a little cafe' that had the best coffee and frozen coffee drinks. I loved going there. I had heard so much about the frozen drink, I had to have one. And they had tables outside with a view of the old city. It was such a relaxing place.

As the trip was winding down, we were ready to relax a bit and just sit outside, taking in the view and the atmosphere, enjoying a coffee before getting ready for dinner. A few of us had gone the night before for a Cafe' Americano and a shared pastry at the end of our after dinner walk through the old city. It was a perfect way to end the evening. It was so fascinating to walk through the city at night and observe more of the culture and the people out along the city streets. When you are inside the walls of the old city, it feels like you've stepped back in time in some ways. It's just a very different way of life.

This is the David Citadel Hotel where we spent the last three days of our trip.

I took this picture inside our hotel room as a reminder of what was going on in the U.S. while we were away...

Several of us ventured out to a local Argentinian restaurant (because they have good steaks) for dinner this night. It was an interesting experience. I have never had to show a host the contents of my purse before being seated. And John has never before been asked, "Any weapons?" They take security seriously. For some reason, this was not at all unsettling to me as I might have previously thought it would be. I felt quite safe throughout the trip. But I did tease John, "Hey, if something happens to us, not only will we get to go to heaven together, we'll arrive with our pastor and Charlie Daniels. Good company to be in, don't you think?"


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