The Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Wikipedia

This is another possible site for Calvary. The link above provides the history. Several different religious groups share control of the site and there is continual conflict. Just the day before we were here, a fairly substantial physical altercation broke out. It was covered on Fox News. A few people told me they saw it. In the exterior picture there is a ladder visible on the ledge. It's called the immovable ladder. It is also present in a picture taken over a century ago. Apparently, the different groups cannot come to an agreement on moving it. Wikipedia addresses this under the section "status quo." According to Wikipedia, someone placed a wooden ladder on this ledge sometime before 1852, when the status quo defined both the doors and the window ledges as common ground. The ladder remains there to this day, in almost exactly the same position.

This is a picture of the bedrock that is believed to be the actual place where Jesus was crucified. In the picture where I am reaching into a hole, I am touching the bedrock.

This slab is believed by many to be where Jesus' body was prepared for burial. We saw people laying their bodies over it, kissing it, lining up possessions on it (for a blessing). It felt more superstitious than spiritual. I guess after seeing some of the pictures, you can probably understand my preference for The Garden Tomb.


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