The kids were having so much fun, it just didn't seem right to make them go to bed. After all, I was still trying to get them to eat at 7:00. They didn't get in the tub until close to 8:00. And they still needed to have their milk and wrestle a little bit. Just as I was getting tough and telling them it was bedtime (at 9:00), the phone rang and it was Rebecca. She was surprised they were still up. There was no hiding it, either. She could hear their little voices.

I'm glad I didn't put them to bed on time, though. Andrew spit up some of his milk and I was able to clean him up. If he had done it after I'd put him down, I might not have known. He had a tough time going to sleep tonight. I rocked him for a long time and then sat by him and patted him in his bed for a long time after that. It was like he was willing himself to watch and make sure I didn't leave. I was afraid to leave because he had spit up and I knew I couldn't relax until he was asleep. He did notice when I slipped out and he cried a little bit. But he finally fell asleep. I was just worried that he didn't feel good because Danny had a virus last night. Rebecca, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I didn't get them to bed on time. I'm not sure I ever will be able to. So you should probably just know this and accept it. Grandma Shari is not good at enforcing their bedtime. Here are some pictures that should explain why...


Rebecca Bryant said…
You always get such good pictures of the boys. Thanks for taking such good care of them. They love their grandma shari!

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