Model of Jerusalem and Herod's Temple

This model recreates Jerusalem in 66 CE, before the destruction of the city and the Temple. It reflects ancient Jerusalem at its peak, just before all was lost. This first picture is taken from the Eastern Wall of the Temple. If the model extended beyond the valley (the Kidron Valley, if I'm remembering correctly), I would have been taking this shot standing on the Mount of Olives. So far, I have written and posted pictures about the Southern steps and the Western Wall. These pictures will give you more of an overview of those sites. Seeing this model after being in these locations really enhanced my whole perspective of Temple Mount and the old city.This next picture is taken from the Southern Wall. On the left is the Western Wall. North of the ramp is the Wailing Wall area (closest to the Holy of Holies) and south of there (between the ramp and the arch at the southwestern corner) is the "Main Street" area where Jesus would have walked, and where we saw evidence of the destruction of the city.These are the Southern steps we sat on (the Royal Colonnade).The City of David, just south of the Temple.
The Pool of Bethesda, just north of the Temple.
Antonio's Fortress, built by Herod the Great. It is located on the Northern Wall of the Temple Mount and it housed the Roman Garrison stationed at Jerusalem. The South Wall of the Fortress would allow the guard to look right over into the Temple Mount area. This is where Paul would have been taken when rescued from the mob by the Roman guard. It is also believed to be where Jesus would have been taken before Pontius Pilate after He was arrested.


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