How 'bout them Titans!?

Football season has dramatically changed for me since 2003. Before I met John, I had been to one professional football game. I think it was the Titans vs. the Steelers. It might have been the Titans and the Packers. That shows you what a big deal it was to me, since I can't even remember.

John loves football. He has had season tickets since the Titans' first season in Nashville. He was there for the Music City Miracle. And he went to Atlanta for the Superbowl game that year. On our first date, he asked me if I liked the Titans and if I would like to go to some games with him. I said yes, of course. And I've been going ever since. This is my sixth season in the stands.

Win or lose, it's always a pleasant Sunday afternoon. We often get there early and tailgate with friends. But we rarely see the end of the game. John likes to beat the traffic, so we listen to the end of the game on the car radio. But today we stayed.

Today's game was exciting. I can't believe we are 4-0. It's the first time in the history of the franchise. But this ends a string of home games and we now go on the road. The next home game is Monday night, October 27. This means that although we roasted in the sun today, we will be bundled up for the rest of the season.

Going to Titans games was a part of the beginning of my life with John. Every year when football season arrives, I think about how many seasons we've now been going to games together. When we were a new couple, I remember looking forward to the time when we had a few years behind us and a shared history together. At 44, you don't want to wish your life away by any means. But I wanted shared experiences and shared memories; a history that was not his and not mine, but ours. As we were sitting at the game today, I thought about how this is that time I was looking forward to.

I love Titans games and I feel very fortunate to have great seats and great friends to go with. We have a lot of fun at LP Field. But what really makes Sunday afternoon (or Monday night) football games special is being there with John. So many times, even after five years together, I sit at those games feeling in awe that I am there with him and that God has blessed me with such a wonderful husband and marriage.

Life is so sweet and so precious. I don't take one day or even one minute of it for granted.

I love being with my husband. Whether we're at a Titan game or the grocery store, there just isn't anyplace I would rather be than hanging out with John.

Having said all that, I must confess that I wasn't spending every minute of today's game thinking mushy thoughts. It was such a good game! And I was cheering like the loyal fan I've become. I'm really excited about this season.

Now, if I could just get as excited about UK basketball as I am about the Titans! ; )

(ALL of the Howertons are UK basketball fans. And I'm still giving it the old college try.)