Home Sweet Home

We left the condo yesterday ahead of schedule. With everybody pitching in, it didn't take that long to clean and wash sheets and towels. Marian and I told Danny and Rebecca to go on ahead of us by about an hour. She and I were on the road by 11:00. We only stopped twice for no more than ten minutes and were home shortly after 6:00.

I was so proud of myself for being able to drive the whole distance. That is the longest I have ever driven because normally driving makes me sleepy (no matter how rested I may be). On the way down, Joshua rode with us for the last leg. He kept us in stitches, so I never fought heavy eyes. On the way home, I think my adrenalin kept me alert. I couldn't wait to see John after being gone a whole week. (I haven't been away from him for a week in the whole five years we've been together!) I really wanted to get home in time for the three of us to have dinner. And we did.

I was unpacked and had my laundry all caught up by 11:00 this morning. I washed down the back patio. We worked out. We went to Lowe's for some humming bird feeders and then to Publix for some groceries. And in a few minutes we will be meeting Anita for dinner at Chop House. Mark is in China.

I have to get serious about eating healthy this week. My goal is to eat mostly chicken and veggies, lots of salad, maybe a few eggs and some steel cut oatmeal. I'm going to try to cut out the bad carbs again (sugar, white flour, white potatoes, white rice, fried food and the bad fats). Everything I read says that a low-glycemic index diet is the healthiest way to eat. And I really need to drop at least five pounds. I'm back to "miserable" again after a week in Florida. Last time I did this, the pounds just melted away and I lost my cravings for bread and sugar (which are normally a problem for me). I've done very well today (so far) and I think I can do well at Chop House. If John had suggested Jim 'n Nick's, I might have been tempted by the onion rings.

I finished the last six chapters of "Respectable Sins" this week, but didn't have a chance to post anything about them. Maybe I can touch on a few highlights this week before I get into something else. I'm looking forward to getting back to my usual posts.

We had such a wonderful week at the beach and I enjoyed every minute of it, but it's SO good to be home again!


Danny Bryant said…
i want to go to chop house and not do well.

we had a blast in destin. thanks for everything. we love you.
Shari said…
Ha! I am not tempted by Chop House's gread. So that was easy. I had salad, grilled shrimp and I did indulge in their parmesan spinach in place of broccoli (which would have been healthier). I've lost one pound so far.

Gramarian and I had a blast too. Thanks for going with us! I love how laid back and compatible we all are as traveling companions.

Love you, too! Amd thanks for my beautiful flowers!
Shari said…
I realize my nails are too long by all the typos!