Age related humor...

No deep thoughts. I've been in the kitchen all morning.

My mother-in-law is here visiting again this week. We have so much fun together. Yesterday as we were leaving to go to Franklin, we were laughing about getting older. She is 75 and I am 49. I'm sure this is a common discovery and not at all unique to me, but I told her, "You know, I realize it's true that the older we get, the more we know...If we could just remember what we know!"

This morning, as I do on a regular basis, my mother-in-law opened the pantry door and stood there looking perplexed. Then she looked at me and asked, "What am I here for?" I said, "Listen, if I don't know what I'm going in there for 90% of the time, what do you think the chances are that I can figure out why you're there???"

My small group comes tonight and we're wrapping up this study. We will then take a break for two or three weeks and start a new book. I figured we would go out with a bang. So I'm making chicken enchiladas, guacamole, and sour cream coffee cake. My cake is already in the oven. I'm also making my homemade hot fudge sauce to go over vanilla ice cream rolled in toasted coconut because my mother-in-law loves it and I've told my small group about it, but never made it for them yet. So we'll have dessert options tonight. The irony just hit me. We are finishing a book about confronting the respectable sins we tolerate. And for one of our dessert options, I'm making a copy-cat version of "Sydney's SINFUL Sundae."

Well, now that I've made you hungry, I think I'll hit the treadmill. Let's see, how many hours would I need to walk to cancel out tonight's calories? Ha! Even I don't have that much spare time!